Sunday, January 30, 2011

So far so good

After being in a local bootcamp from May 2010 to December 2010 3x week, I lost 3 pant sizes & 10lbs. Still haven't gotten rid of the "mom" jelly though.

Current stats:

24% bodyfat

21% bodyfat

Basically, my goal is to get rid of the mom jelly & obtain a six pack. I've joined World Health Club in Edmonton & since joining I've gone quite a bit.

The personal trainer there tried to sell me sessions, but I just couldn't spend that kind of money. The cheapest session (1hr) with a personal trainer is $55. My membership fees are already $60 a month!

So my plan of action: I found a great weight/cardio program designed for women to build muscle online. It was designed by a certified personal trainer, so I figure, what the heck?

I started January 24th. It is a 7 day (everyday) program. I want to stick to this program for atleast 4 weeks to see if there is any difference whatsoever.

Jan 24th - Day 1 - Weights workout
Jan 25th - Day 2 - 45mins cardio recommended (I did an hour spin class)
Jan 26th - Day 3 - Weights workout (diff from day 1)
Jan 27th - Day 4 - 45mins cardio recommended (I did a zumba class)
Jan 28th - Day 5 - Weights workout
Jan 29th - Day 6 - 45mins cardio - I did 1/2 hr eliptical at home & 10mins abs
Jan 30th - Day 7 - 1hr cardio recommended (I did 1/2hr on my eliptical)

I eased up this weekend so I could actually enjoy my weekend & I was sore from the weight workouts.

I eat decent, so all I've done is add some whey protein powder to my chocolate shakes I have on a daily basis.

I hope to get some pictures posted this week!