Saturday, February 26, 2011

Back from Vegas!

I did sooo much drinking in Vegas - so much so that my body is still paying for it! I got back last night & today I'm dragging my feet. Haven't stepped on the scale because the clothes still fit great & I don't feel as though I've gained, but I likely have.

Today I rest, tomorrow, off to the gym. I've got monday off as well, so I'm headed there again. Back to the grind.

Can you believe that I wanted to work out the first morning in Vegas and they wanted $25 per visit???? No way was I gonna pay that - and the gym didn't even have a pool! Luckily, it's not hard to be active in Vegas - a ton of walking, dancing and blisters later!

Monday, February 14, 2011

One day at a time...

Well, I haven't been hitting up the gym as much as I should lately, not enough to make myself feel real good about myself, but I know I am doing what I can, and that's something, right?

Yesterday: 1 hr at the gym, 5 min warm up & 55 mins of weights - and believe me, I've been lifting as heavy as I can while still getting my reps in.

Today: 50mins of cardio at home on the elliptical.

Tomorrow: 1 hr at the gym doing another weight workout.

I really need to push myself more at the gym. Maybe I should invest in a personal trainer? I keep looking at sessions offered for discounted prices on various classified communities, however, I still can't justify the price tag. $60/month at the gym & then another $60 minimum on a trainer each month (and that's only twice a month)....that's an expensive endeavor.

Then I think of the bootcamp classes I took prior to joining the gym.... they are responsible for getting me basically to the point I am now.... did I make a mistake & quit them because I was bored, or did I do the right thing joining the gym? I thought of doing two classes per week, but to justify $200 for 6 weeks - that's a hard pill to swallow as well on top of my gym membership.

Maybe I'm just being impatient, maybe I should give myself atleast 6 months at the gym to determine what I should do. Perhaps if I get all my credit cards paid off, maybe I should reward myself with a personal trainer?

Not sure what to do....

PS: I haven't weighed myself at all in the last 4 days. I'm actually avoiding the scale. Plan on weighing in this saturday.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I gotta stop looking at the scale...

Today's weigh in: 144lbs. Ughhhh. Frustrated, but I won't let this get me down. To go to the gym tonight, or to workout at home???  My schedule has been all over the place lately due to hubby's travels and not wanting to leave my son home alone for too long.

Maybe I should just go to the gym. Sometimes I just wish I had a workout buddy!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Keepin on Truckin'

So I took a couple days off, did not hit up the gym, did not go to Zumba over the weekend due to weather. Good news though - I weighed myself on Sunday & 142.8lbs! Let's see if we can keep it up.

Finished my weights workout at the gym today, felt really good after! 

Eating more home-cooked meals, smaller portions AND actually slowly weaning myself off of diet pop - I love me some diet pop, to the point that I can easily drink 6 cans a day.

So my new plan that I've been following at work the last few days is to have 1 litre of water in between my two pops. I know the pop isn't good for me, but I don't drink coffee & feel that this is my "thing".

Also, back on the birth control after trying since July. Hubby & I are just too busy & stressed out with his business and travel to deal with a pregnancy right now :( it sucks, but it also gives me lots of time to get the six pack I've always wanted, save money & do things that I wanna do.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

17 days till Vegas!

Ok, so I've kept up my routine so far.

Jan 29th - 1/2hr cardio
Jan 30th - 1/2hr cardio
Jan 31st - Weights at the gym
Feb 1st - 45mins cardio
Feb 2nd - Weights at the gym

Tomorrow - another cardio day. My friend wants to hit up Zumba at the gym again this Sunday - woohoo!

Zumba is so much fun, but after last week's mistake of being in the first row (in front of the wall of mirrors), I realized just how little rhythm I have haha - I absolutely sucked! Guess it will be the back row for me again LOL

Eating - going well, but not eating so I'd never keep it up. Today's weigh-in was 144lbs. I have been fluctuating between 144 & 145 for the last while, so I'm not overly surprised, nor happy about this. Although I can't complain because I am doing alot of weights & am completely ok staying the same weight & replacing it with muscle.

I will get my kiddo to take pics tonight & post tomorrow!