Friday, March 4, 2011

Totally off the wagon

Vegas set me back big time. This whole week has been trying to recover from Vegas! Migraines, then add on PMS. I think I actually worked out twice this week and I'm so disappointed in myself. However, I did stay away from the fast food & actually cooked!

I think my problem is that I've gotta stop feeling guilty about stopping on my way home from work to workout. I feel guilty because my son is 11 and while he is very responsible & independent, he gets home an hour before I do & I don't like that I'm not there immediately. I've also had the burden of picking up the dogs from daycare everyday on my way home, which makes my arrival home an hour & half after my son gets home. So if I stop at the gym, that would make it 2.5hrs my son is home alone. I know he is good on his own, but I still feel guilty if I'm not there.

Ughhh... tomorrow is another day & I will be going to the gym each day over the weekend. Then I must commit myself entirely - I just booked hubby & I a week long vacation in the Dominican Republic for April! Gotta look my best in my suit!

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  1. It is so difficult to fit everything in isn't it. Glad you had a great time in Vegas! Now you can focus on getting bikini-ready for the Dominican!