Thursday, February 10, 2011

I gotta stop looking at the scale...

Today's weigh in: 144lbs. Ughhhh. Frustrated, but I won't let this get me down. To go to the gym tonight, or to workout at home???  My schedule has been all over the place lately due to hubby's travels and not wanting to leave my son home alone for too long.

Maybe I should just go to the gym. Sometimes I just wish I had a workout buddy!

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  1. Keep powering through! I would only weigh myself once a week, so you don't become frustrated. If you go on thinking through the week that you're at 142, then you won't get discouraged. Weight fluctuates so much throughout the day/week, the best way to do it is just once a week, same time of day. Not only will then see the scale go down, but you will be less discouraged throughout your week!

    Also, if you think you've hit a plateau, just rev up your workout by adding an extra 10 mins ...something small but that will make a difference. I wish I lived in AB we could go to the gym together, or do Jillian dvds together! Keep going, don't let this stop your journey!