Wednesday, February 2, 2011

17 days till Vegas!

Ok, so I've kept up my routine so far.

Jan 29th - 1/2hr cardio
Jan 30th - 1/2hr cardio
Jan 31st - Weights at the gym
Feb 1st - 45mins cardio
Feb 2nd - Weights at the gym

Tomorrow - another cardio day. My friend wants to hit up Zumba at the gym again this Sunday - woohoo!

Zumba is so much fun, but after last week's mistake of being in the first row (in front of the wall of mirrors), I realized just how little rhythm I have haha - I absolutely sucked! Guess it will be the back row for me again LOL

Eating - going well, but not eating so I'd never keep it up. Today's weigh-in was 144lbs. I have been fluctuating between 144 & 145 for the last while, so I'm not overly surprised, nor happy about this. Although I can't complain because I am doing alot of weights & am completely ok staying the same weight & replacing it with muscle.

I will get my kiddo to take pics tonight & post tomorrow!

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